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Training Schedule 2017

Training Schedule 2017

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research MOOC

Registration Now Open! Course Commences 06/11/17 - The MOOC continues to have extremely good feedback and is also being used more and more as an Induction tool, again with excellent feedback. 

This  course is all about this process of discovery and how it is used to improve healthcare. It includes a detailed look at why we do research and how we do it. This to demonstrated through cases studies covering topics such as how research is helping to find new ways of treating and providing care for some of the major diseases including cancer and dementia. The coursefocusess on the important ethical questions raised by clinical research and takes a look into the future.

Demystifying Targeted Cancer Treaments MOOC

Starting 23 January 2017

This free online course from Cancer Research UK, will explore the science behind new targeted cancer treatments, how they work, and the patients they benefit. We’ll look at the side effects these treatments can cause and understand the impact they have on patients’ quality of life. Then discover some of the innovative approaches on the horizon and debate the future of cancer treatment.

Tumours By Cancer Site

National Cancer Registration & Analysis Service -Cancer Information Tools

This site has modules which define key facts about each individual tumour site including causes and risk factors as well as key signs and symptoms. Each module details the anatomy and physiology for the specified sites as well as details on abstracting, coding, diagnosis and staging followed by the different types of treatment options.

NIHR-Clinical Research Network Podcast

A new podcast will be released each month and you will be notified once its uploaded. You can listen on the way to work or on the way home, they can also be downloaded so you can listen to them wherever you are.

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