Let's Talk Trials

Start Date/Time:
13 September 2017 13:00
End Date/Time:
13 September 2017 16:30
Princess Royal Hospital
Room C, Education Centre, Princess Royal Hospital, Apley Castle, Apley, Telford TF1 6TF

Target Audience: Front line, clinical staff who wish to improve or consolidate their communication skills in relation to the consent process or staff who have communication identified as part of their PDP

Aims & Objectives: To enhance communication with patients and provide key communication skills and principles for approaching and discussing clinical research trials with patients

Course Summary:  Enhancing communication with your Patients.

  • Establish the elements that constitute a FULL discussion of participation
  • Employ an interview structure that ensures each element is covered
  • Identify and utilise communication skills required to move through the interview structure to ensure fully informed consent
  • To help overcome some of the difficulties associated with approaching patients for clinical studies

“All the reports conclude that effective communication cannot be assumed on the basis of speciality, role seniority or experience, rather it requires training to ensure that it requires training to ensure that patient’s concerns, needs & preferences are heard, acknowledged and taken into account when sharing decisions”.


On 08 May 2017