The NIHR CRN West Midlands Research Training Collaborative oversees a portfolio of training which meets the needs of the West Midlands research workforce regardless of role and level of experience.

To meet this, three local research collaboratives have been established –Birmingham Research Training Collaborative, West Midlands North Research Training Collaborative and West Midlands South Training Collaborative which together comprise the West Midlands Research Training Collaborative (WMRTC).

Our aim is to ensure that research staff and clinical teams supporting research can access high quality locally-provided training which is fit for purpose and meets local needs. It aims to support the provision of training which meet the three NIHR CRN priority areas for organisational and workforce development:

  • Regulation and Safeguarding;
  • Delivering Network Business (business delivery/study support)
  • Specialty Specific/Responsive training

The WMRTC aims to provide a forum whereby collaborating organisations can share best practice, pool learning resources and promote local initiatives in partnership with the Network. It aims to complement the activities of other research and training structures in the West Midlands.

WMRTC training is free at the point of delivery to all participants from CRN West Midlands partner organisations and affiliated Health Education Institutions. The WMRTC is a ‘not for profit’ entity; it works on the premise that reciprocal core training sessions are cost neutral.