West Midlands North Research Training Collaborative (WMNRTC)

The collaborative model was rolled out across the West Midlands and in March 2016, the West Midlands North Research Training Collaborative (WMNRTC) was formed.  The WMNRTC aims to support reciprocal access to training for the research workforce across the locality and provide a forum whereby collaborating organisations can share best practice, pool learning resources and promote local initiatives in partnership with the network.

The collaborative comes under the Clinical Research Network (CRN) West Midlands Research Training Collaborative (WMRTC), which ensures research staff and clinical teams supporting research can access high quality locally-provided training which is fit for purpose and meets local needs. It aims to complement activities of other training collaboratives and training structures in the West Midlands, which together provide access to training region-wide and support the three NIHR CRN priority areas for organisational and workforce development:

  • Regulation and Safeguarding
  • Delivering Network Business
  • Specialty Specific/Responsive training

The WMNRTC invites collaboration from all research active organisations within the geographical areas encompassing Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and Shropshire.   A Collaborator is an organisation which commits to deliver or host or support WMNRTC training.

The WMNRTC is committed to developing the collaborative and ensuring our local researchers have access to good quality, accredited training. The membership of the group includes representation from research nursing, R&D Management, NIHR Networks, and trial management

WMNRTC Members                                                 WMNRTC Collaborators

Sarah Glover/Beryl Davis                                         The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust

Anne Hogg                                                                Burton Hospitals NHS FT

Emma Johnson/Zoe Booth                                       University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Teresa Jones/Julie Steen                                          The Robert Jones& Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic NHS FT      

Ruth Lambley-Burke/Suzanne Sumara                    South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS FT    

Emily Linehan                                                            NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands

Alice Mackie                                                              Primary Care

Margaret Marriott                                                       The Dudley Group NHS FT

Helen Moore                                                              Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Louise Phillips-Darby                                                Keele University          

Joanne Tomkins                                                        Black Country Partnership NHS FT

Johanne Tomlinson                                                   Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust

Sue Wood                                                                  North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust