An Introductory Overview of Statistics

Start Date/Time:
17 October 2017 13:00
End Date/Time:
17 October 2017 15:00
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire
Clinical Sciences Building, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire, Clifford Bridge Rd, Walsgr

Target Audience: All healthcare professionals and clinicians

Aims & Objectives: The Facilitator will aim to provide an overview of the scope of how statistics can be used in all types of clinical research from systematic reviews to clinical audit, design and analysis of clinical laboratory methods, health technology assessments, medical equipment/device reliability, clinical trials, epidemiological studies, surveys, etc.

Course Summary: The facilitator will briefly review the different types of data (both qualitative and quantitative) and the range of methods of data analysis and methods of data display using powerful modern statistical graphics. You will be shown how you may start to go further in developing your skills, knowledge and understanding in critically applying statistics in support of your clinical research. 

Following the two sessions ‘An Introductory Overview of Research Methods’ and ‘An Introductory Overview of Statistics’, we will be offering a one hour “Statistical Advice Clinic” which will be in the form of 4 pre-booked fifteen minute (maximum) one-to-one sessions with individual clinicians or healthcare professionals seeking some initial statistical advice on an existing or future clinical research project.  To book a slot in this Advice Clinic, please contact

On 08 February 2017