Making IRAS work for your research amendments

Start Date/Time:
03 December 2019 11:30
End Date/Time:
03 December 2019 13:00
CRN West Midlands Offices-Birmingham Research Park
CRN West Midlands Offices, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Birmingham B15 2SQ

Target Audience: CI/ Study Coordinators/ Research staff who are responsible for submitting amendments through IRAS on behalf of the Chief Investigator (CI)

Aims & Objectives: The national IRAS and CSP systems (Coordinated System for Gaining NHS Permission for portfolio research) has changed significantly to support researchers submitting Amendments.

The aims of the presentation is to ensure that researchers clearly understand the best way to get their amendments for portfolio research working for them i.e. notifying all participating sites  regarding the changes to their studies. It will give researchers a brief outline of the process in submitting amendments, tips, ideas and workarounds.

If you are a CI/ Study Co-ordinator/ Researcher leading on a study then this would be a great opportunity to learn how you can get IRAS and CSP to work for you! 

Course Summary: What is an amendment?, When do I submit the amendment?, How do I submit an amendment and who to?, Classifying an amendment: substantial or non-substantial?, Deciding what is the best action to take within IRAS for your amendment?

On 05 November 2018