Cancer Researchers Introductory Course

Start Date/Time:
18 September 2017 09:30
End Date/Time:
18 September 2017 16:30
School of Cancer Sciences- University of Birmingha
School of Cancer Sciences,Vincent Dr, B15 2TT

Target Audience: Participants may hold any role in the Cancer Division and will be new, or relatively new, in post (ideally within 3 months). The course is introductory and pre-supposes only a basic understanding of biology. A short review of normal cell biology is provided as pre-reading

Aims & Objectives: Intended Learning Outcomes

1. To understand the meaning of the key words and terminology in routine use in cancer research;

2. To investigate the biological basis of cancer and the link to the mechanism of action of treatments;

3. To explore the common pathways for cancer patients from diagnosis and through the different treatment modalities;

4. To review the current treatments and their adverse events;

5. To appreciate the impact of a cancer diagnosis on a patient and their family and to consider survivorship.

Course Summary:

Introduction: Nature and symptoms of cancer, incidence & survival rates in the UK.

Cell Biology: Normal cell physiology. Abnormal features of cancer cell function. Genetic basis of cancer. Identification of potential treatment targets.

What is considered in a diagnosis; tumour site, histological cell type, status & grade.

Domains of survivorship, ongoing health issues for survivors

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