An Introduction to Medical Terminology for Research Staff

Start Date/Time:
06 December 2017 09:30
End Date/Time:
06 December 2017 11:30
NIHR/Wellcome Trust Birmingham CRF, Birmingham
NIHR/Wellcome Trust CRF, old Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham B15 2TH

Target Audience: Anyone who is new to research in the NHS or would like a refresher on the subject

Aims & Objectives: This course aims to develop an awareness of the range of medical and nursing terminology in everyday use in clinical research settings. By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • Identify common abbreviations and interpret them correctly
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of resources to assist the interpretation and use of medical terminology
  • Recognise the adverse consequences related to the incorrect use of terminology / abbreviations

Course Summary: The course will use a mixture of slide presentations, activities and discussion. Learners are invited to bring examples of abbreviations or terminology that they have encountered and/or require assistance with and any local resources that they use to assist them in interpreting medical terms.


On 08 February 2017