Archiving – Expectations and Reality

Start Date/Time:
26 September 2018 09:30
End Date/Time:
26 September 2018 11:30
NIHR/Wellcome Trust Birmingham CRF, Birmingham
Seminar Room NIHR/Wellcome Trust Birmingham CRF, Heritage Building, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birming

Aims and Objectives: To understand the historical context of archiving, importance of archiving, regulatory & legal frameworks, archiving challenges and meeting archiving challenges

Course Summary: 

  • Reasons for Archiving
  • Responsibilities – who should be doing what?
  • How the EU directive on clinical trials has influenced the requirements for retention and the required documents.
  • The difference between archiving and storage
  • How electronic records fit into the archiving requirements.
  • Training requirements for personnel
On 04 June 2018