PI Masterclass

Start Date/Time:
14 October 2019 13:00
End Date/Time:
14 October 2019 16:00
Birmingham Women's Hospital
5th Floor Seminar Room, Birmingham Women's Hospital, Birmingham B15 2TG

Target Audience:      The PI Oversight Master Class has been designed specifically for existing PIs to offer practical solutions to enhance effective study oversight and management

Aims and ObjectivesMany PIs oversee their studies effectively but do not always document this. Some may also need to improve their oversight practices. Effective oversight, or evidence of it, is a common finding at monitoring visits and MHRA inspections. This master class aims to provide practical solutions to empower PIs to enhance effective oversight of their studies.

The master class applies an evidence-based adult learning approach, which enables PIs to utilise their existing knowledge, learn from others and consider how they can apply what they are learning directly to their practice.

The master class is supported by high-quality materials, though is conversational in style rather than power-point or presentation driven. As such, it is important that individuals facilitating the workshop understand the learning approach and have the confidence to lead a discussion based master class.

The Master Class is comprised of 5 modules. There are no slides, the course is mainly discussion based around set activities. The Master Class can be delivered as one session of around 2.5-3 hours, three one-hour sessions, or other configurations to suit your needs. 

Course Summary:      

The PI Oversight Master Class is designed to support the ongoing development of experienced PIs and focuses on effective oversight of the studies participants are responsible for

On 19 December 2018