Preparing for Audit and Inspection

Start Date/Time:
12 November 2020 11:00
End Date/Time:
12 November 2020 13:00
NIHR/Wellcome Trust Birmingham CRF, Birmingham
Seminar Room, Welcome Trust CRF, Heritage Building, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, B15 2TH

Target Audience:          All research staff and R&D facilitators with monitoring/audit responsibilities.

Aims and Objectives: This course will provide an introduction to the processes involved in inspection, audits and monitoring.

Course Summary:      This course will go through a mixture of presentation, discussion and activities to ensure delegates understand:

     - Definitions and reasons – Why?

                  - Implications of non-compliance

                   - Inspections – Who conducts; Process and what is reviewed, Examples of  typical findings

                    - R&D Audits – Who conducts; Selection Process; Overview of process

On 12 December 2019