An Introduction to Statistics in Healthcare

Start Date/Time:
12 October 2021 13:00
End Date/Time:
12 October 2021 16:00
via Zoom

Course Summary:      

This short course provides an introduction to common statistical methods used within healthcare research, such as clinical trials. The focus will be on key concepts and the interpretation of statistical analyses, rather than conducting your own analyses or using complicated formulae. Participants will learn how to recognise and summarise different data types, and define and interpret measures of disease occurrence and measures of the effect of an exposure/intervention. The course will explore how we estimate such measures from samples, how we determine how big our sample should be, the resulting issue of sampling variation, and how this is dealt with through confidence intervals. The course will also consider how we formally test differences between groups (such as exposures or interventions) with hypotheses tests and P values. The course will not focus in detail on specific statistical tests.

The course comprises approximately 2.5 hours of asynchronous work and a 3 hour live session

On 22 September 2021